Yes, this post has been a little while in coming – I just haven’t had much time. Okay, okay, maybe I do have time and I’m just spending it doing other things.

So I guess ya’ll want the whole story, at least what there is so far.

  I knew Brian, sort of; I had seen him at ALERT when I went for STEP each year but that was about it – I don’t think we had ever even said hi to each other. I met his sister, Kim, up at Verity and became very good friends with her but that really had nothing to do with Brian’s desire to court me. To put it as Brian did, it all started in Flint…
  I had been in Big Sandy working STEP but about a week into it I made a quick trip up to Michigan to graduate from Verity. While I was there I talked to many people and one just happened to be Brian and his brother Kevin (who was graduating with me) I said congratulations and all that stuff and we talked for a little bit then went our separate ways. The only impression I had of the conversation was being amazed that Brian even talked to me (because it seemed like he avoided all STEP girls when I was at ALERT). Brian on the other hand came away with a different impression – he felt a prompting from God that this was the girl he was to marry.
  Both making our way back to the ALERT campus he watched me as I finished the rest of the month with the STEP program. He liked how I worked hard, was physically fit, and had a heart’s desire to counsel and work with the girls. I on the other hand had no clue.
  A week or so after STEP Brian talked to his dad and then mine, meeting with my parents when they took Andrew back to ALERT (sneaky way to meet with a potential suitor huh?). Dad told me about it Friday night when I got home from camp. I was totally shocked and if I seemed a little out of the volleyball game on Sunday – well, let’s just say I had a lot on my mind. I had to leave the following Friday to return to camp and work, so we had to set up a time to get together before I left so on Monday we set up for their family to come down the next day! Things were moving so fast!
  The Cahill family came over and we Sept the day getting to know them – I spent the day getting to know a different side of Brian than I had ever seen. I was still confused and scared by the time they left that evening.
  Wednesday I fasted, prayed and sought counsel. The result was my agreeing to court Brian Cahill.
  This whole week since we have been sharing information back and forth, trying to get to know each other. God has seemed to bring us together through a mutual trust in His direction. Brian is proving to be a godly, wonderful, sensitive man and I’m thankful to the Lord for giving  him to me.

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