Heh heh heh. Hi everybody. This is Brian . I’m hacking Amy’s site. With
permission, of course. No, really, Amy and Stacie left for Kansas for
their Senior trip. Boy, I didn’t know they were getting that old.

Here are some pictures of Amy’s Triathlon yesterday. She placed First
in the Female 20-25 off-road division. These are a
few pictures taken by Bekah .

And they’re off! Somewhere in the pack of 20-25 year old girls, swims Amy.

After the first leg, swimming 500 meters, she does a quick turnaround
and mounts the bike. She is number 1100, with the yellow paper. Take a moment to admire the bike she rides. Don’t
the colors and style look awesome? Isn’t it such a great brand? Wasn’t
her brother nice to loan it to her?

Now after the 10 mile bike ride, she sets off running – 3 more miles.
Note the mud on her legs and shirt, thrown there by the bicycle, and
the muddy off-road trails.

And finally, after 1:53:27 and 13 1/4 miles, Amy came in and after
crossing the finish line, jumped into the lake for a cool off.

Amy also wanted me to mention that this was a “clean” race. Meaning,
she did it without any enhancements. All she had before the race was
peanut butter and water during. No Gatorade, Red Bull, Energy Bars or
anything. Just all natural. Well, I guess that about wraps it up!

Ta ta!!

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