Well here I am again – I can’t believe I’m back on, less than 12 hours later. I went to play volleyball yesterday after writing but now I think it would have been a better use of time if I had stayed to post more pictures. On the last serve of the game I jammed my thumb so now its a little hard to type. I’m thinking I won’t be doing any volleyball for a few weeks. I didn’t get the worst of it though – Zach really took one for the team on our first night.

He made an awesome save but apparently there was a slick spot on the floor and he fell, hitting his head and fracturing his wrist. His experience in a foreign hospital was helped out by the fact that he was accompanied by our interpreter, the mayor and the chief of police. He is really a trooper and might have even skied yesterday if anyone would have let him. Speaking of skiing, here we are in the Carpathian mountains, you can kind of see the ski slope behind us.

Another interesting thing is that the girls here ask me if I have a boyfriend – not like we think of them in the States, but meaning a more permanent relationship maybe leading to marriage. (many of them have had the same boyfriend for several years – none of that two week/month stuff for them)  When I say that I don’t they are very surprised and ask why not. It has been interesting to try and answer their question. Yesterday one girl wanted to know more about the whole thing of dating and why so few of us had boyfriends. She sat with me on the bus and I was able to share scriptural principles and eventually the gospel with her. We are different - and not just because we are Americans and they want to know why. Praise God that we are a peculiar people.


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