Well folks, this is it for a while. Bright and early tomorrow
morning Stacie and I are headed out for Romania! Leaving the our own
local airport around seven, we should arrive at our final destination
by noon the next day. Our route will take us through Dallas, Detroit,
Amsterdam, Hungary and finally Romania. While there we are going to meet
with officials from different cities, work in some public schools and
children’s hospitals, and mix with the gypsies a little. Of course,
we’ve all been told to include flexibility on our packing list because
all of these activities are subject to change.
  Stacie will turn 21 en route and we’re hoping to get the
stewardess to sing happy birthday in their native tongue. We ask for
prayer for our flight to Detroit because we hope to have some
witnessing opportunities. We also ask for prayer during our trip, we
will be under scrutiny as ambassadors for Christ, the U.S., IBLP, and
the products of “character training.”
  I love you all and should update with pictures upon my return.
For now, I’m going to celebrate all the long hours I will spend sitting
in a plane by doing a practice run for the triathlon – 9 mile bike, 3
mile run, 500 meter swim! Ciao!

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