I can’t decide what to write. I have to equally important and
interesting bits to post; one about my interview yesterday and one
about Jeremy. So, I will follow the recency/primacy rule and tell you
what happened this afternoon. Read and know that vengeance is mine
saith the Lord I will repay.

Today, yes just a few hours ago I was skating along, minding my own
business, when some fantastic motion to my right catches my attention
and I see Jeremy make a stupendous fall onto the ice! Why is this so
important you ask? Well, he just happened to be jumping over the
painted lines when this happened. This fact gives me the most pleasure
because it was just a month ago that a similar situation happened only
in reverse. I tried my utmost to settle the score that day, but alas. I
would have to learn to wait on the Lord and sure enough He repaid

So Jeremy, congratulations, you have made my day!

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