I now have seven pages and this is how the newest three came about:

Finished reading the Nutcracker to Katie.

Stained shelves for Dad.

Went online to do more research on the Hallelujah diet.

Talked to Mom about issues in the church.

Continued reading online.

Helped Katie with AWANA verses.

Back to research.

Get up to claim my share of the leftovers for lunch.

Back on the computer while eating a steak and cheese
casedilla, a sampling of chicken parmesan on pasta topped off by two oreo
cookies and some milk (a “diet of death” according to what I was reading; been
nice knowing ya)

Finish on the computer and go to get a drink, sidetracked by
David and figure out how much ice cream you should eat to fulfill your daily
caloric requirement. (at least 5-6 cups!)

Finally start writing about Hallelujah diet.

Determine that headphones and “Rudy” are essential due to
the radio playing in this room and Chronicles of Narnia in the next room.


I suddenly wake up.


Back to the computer for more research.

I am now thoroughly sick of surfing the net.

Find a funny site with diet jokes – this livens things up a
bit. (here’s the best one: there is no chocaholics anonymous because no one
wants to quit!)

I finally have to stop as my brain has quit working so I go
and varnish the shelves.

Make phone calls.

Granny arrives and we visit with her, discussing my job
interview tomorrow.

Michael and Lindsey come with Connor and we all have supper.

I read to Connor then we all play catch phrase.

Everyone goes home and I’m back to typing.

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