Due to the the drought conditions our area had been under a burn ban
for over six months; due to the nature of my dad’s job, he has a lot of
scrap material to burn; the sum of these two facts produced quite a
pile of lumber that we torched yesterday when the ban was lifted. Katie
searched the pile for any good scraps before we  lit it.

One match made a modest start….        
           ….which quickly turned
to a conflagration.

This ain’t your average country bonfire. We sprayed the fire constantly
with water; it was quite a fight and I’ll admit there were several
times that my heart beat faster as the flames leaped higher. This was
in a clearing in the woods about 50 feet from our house.

Even with all of our firefighting efforts, a dead tree nearby caught
fire from the heat and dad had to cut it down with a chainsaw.

           Towards evening
everything dies down a bit.

Deciding to get some more good out of the fire I switched from fire
warden to homesteader and baked a cherry pie in the Dutch oven.

“It only takes a spark to get a fire going” And
what a fire that can be! Your “fire” can be hot enough to ignite those
who are dead around you; don’t get upset about things sent to dampen
your enthusiasm, God might send it to keep you from destroying the life
around you in your excitement.  And remember that even slumbering
coals can produce good things. “From
the ashes a fire shall be woken, from the embers new life shall spring,
renewed shall be lives that are broken, as our service we give to the King!”

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