I know I have been tagged with the “seven sevens ” survey and I will
get to that. But first I just want to share good tiding of great joy
which shall be for…well, mostly me. (and those that choose to rejoice
with them that do rejoice).
I have talked to my academic counselor at Charter Oaks to see what the
changes will mean for me. It turns out that, while they are disallowing
the 3 credit test, they will grant the 6 credit test! Nice thing is, I
apparently had a few credits to spare so I just have to take one test
that will double over the portfolio I was supposed to be working on
(but haven’t yet). So I will have to test – one more time – but I won’t
have to do all that work for the portfolio, which will save me a lot of
Funny, every time some problem pops up with my degree (it has been
changed four times since I thought it was all done) I have come out
with less to do. God is so good to me, it’s wonderful to have a such a
caring friend working on my behalf.

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