A Jones theatrical production that shockingly
resembles real life.
           Viewer discretion
advised – see below
**Caution: This post contains violence, anyone unfortunate
enough to be a single child should have this previewed by someone who
has had experience with multiple siblings.**

This drama unfolds in the somewhat abnormal atmosphere of the Jones
household. Amy is  peacefully sitting at the computer, whiling
away the time, trying to think of something interesting to post.
Suddenly, in rushes Timothy, breathless and excited:

(Tim) Amy! Come outside and see my new trick on the trampoline!

(Amy) Are you kidding me? It’s cold out there! (temperature 43)

(T.) Oh please, it won’t take but a minute.

(A.) What trick is it?

(T.) I can do a flip and land on my feet! (no response while busily typing) come on, you’re almost done with that email.

(A.) All right, I’ll go see.

Please note that all other children had been outside jumping and Amy
was the only one left inside. Amy took off her socks and headed out to
watch this new trick:

(A.) Hey, the trampoline is empty (suddenly suspicious) Are the others waiting to jump me?

(T.) Ummm, (laughs nervously)

(A.) Know what? I can watch you from right here on the porch.
(suspicions are confirmed upon hearing a whispered conversation from
the shadows). Very nice Timothy, that’s really good, now I’ll go back
inside – you can’t get me that easy, I wasn’t born yesterday you know!

Suddenly a random figure rushes out of the darkness at Amy; she turns
and dashes back into the safety of the house. The cry had gone out
however and suddenly the house was swarming with them! They attacked
all at once from every angle and started to drag Amy towards the door.

(A.) Hey! What are you doing! Oof…grunt…pant….struggle….

(unidentified voice) We’re taking you outside.

(A.) What if I don’t want to go outside!? Hey! Help!

Mom and Dad continue talking as if nothing unusual was going on.
Betrayed in the time of greatest need, despair washed over the victim.
Having been thoroughly instructed to never give up without a fight, a
desperate struggle ensued. Fighting, wriggling, twisting and resisting,
Amy fought valiantly against her assailants. It took fully six other
people just to get her out of the house; arms flailing, she grabbed at
corners, chairs and door frames, using them to their utmost advantage.
Once out on the porch, efforts reorganized and redoubled, resulting in
Amy being pried off of the nearby tree. Finally the size and sheer
strength of one attacker over powered the victim as he wrapped his arms
around her and bodily picked her up while two others managed the
kicking feet. (Boy, don’t you hate it when the little brothers grow
bigger on you).

Scene two: The Trampoline

(A.) pant…pant….okay, okay, you win, what do you want?….pant…..cough….pant

(Sibling 1) We want you to get off the computer and play with us!

(Sibling 6) Yeah, you’re boring in there and need to be livened up!

The rest of the evening was spent playing blind man’s bluff (quite an
exciting game due to the potential drop off the edge) and “Bull in the
Ring”; a game of quick movement and spectacular tackles. Finishing the
evening with steam roller (I’ll leave that to your imagination) the
victim  eventually made her way back inside, warmed by the love
that had  been demonstrated to her by the whole abduction.
 Thank you to Stacie, Lori, Brian, David, Timothy and Katie for an excellent script and screenplay.
Thank you to Amy for her brilliant acting abilities
Thank you to Timothy, the stunt man.
Thank you to my parents who made this possible
And for comments from viewers like you.

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