God provides in amazing ways. He provides in ways we are not looking
for and at times we don’t expect. In His provision He also takes into
account the things that bring us pleasure.

I have a job. It’s just a little side thing that will earn Christmas
money and pocket cash, but it is so wonderfully orchestrated to my
tastes and abilities it’s makes me want to laugh with joy. I am getting
paid to ride a horse!

I had been home less than 24 hours when this came up. Some friends of
ours had brought their horses to church that Sunday and we went riding
down the road and stopped to talk to a lady who was also riding. As the
conversation progressed she ended up offering me a job to work her
horse and hone it’s training for show.

We had to sell our horses when we left for Verity, but God has given that part of my life back, isn’t He the best!

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