I wrote a post about our homecoming last night but the computer ate it. Interesting events continue to unfold so I must post about them now and rewrite the other at a later date.

Currently I’m on my Grandpa’s broadband internet! We have gone even further south for Thanksgiving and enjoying the warm weather. Texas is so funny, like yesterday; I went out to jog at 6:00 am and it was 30 degrees outside, then as we were packing to go to our grandparents, mom said to take a swim suit “we are in Texas after all” Sure enough, after driving about three hours we got out at a Texas historical mission and it was about 80 degrees – things sure warm up fast here.

This morning I got up at 3:30 am to jog with Grandpa – see, I come by my habits naturally :) After the jog I went back to sleep for an hour before stumbling out of bed again at 6:00 in order to walk to the beach and see the sunrise. My little brother Timothy (12) has demonstrated a creative eye for photography so I’m going to start honing his skills. Yesterday and today we went around on photo shoots just to see what he could do and I am pretty impressed. Here are a few of his better photos.

The Goliad Mission

A lone sentinel.

The early birds at the beach (Amy, Timothy, Katie and Stacie)

The other early birds.

Lightning Whelk – Texas State shell

And of course, I couldn’t resist “borrowing” the camera for a few shots myself.

Only remains that you will ever find from a Jones.

It’s worth getting up early.

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