The following story is dedicated to the return of
our “prodigal” sister.

Everything was going very nicely for all
of the Jones sisters during their stay at the RCI. They were an example
of roommate harmony and were model students in the way they studied and
used their time (as is evidenced by this post). Well it seems that one
of the Jones’ felt a little left out and overshadowed by the other two.
Getting fed up with the whole situation this Jones demanded her share
of the college tuition money.

After a brief struggle, this sister’s size overcame all opposition and the money was handed over.

    Hitting the road, this sister went to headquarters, and at first reports were favorable.
Time was spent listening to music and looking at music, and writing
music and a whole lot of other things that were not generally
understood by most people, including the other sisters.
Soon though, the life style started slipping and most of the morning
was spent sleeping while the rest of the time was spent on xanga and
            She also
started handing out with questionable friends.

Somewhere around the 200th bag of Mr. Twisty’s Twisted Cheese curls,
this sister realized that money was running out, and no more credit was
going to be granted. She turned to her “friends” for help, but having
hung out with a less reputable group, there was not a money bag among
the lot of them. The poor sister was in terrible straights; what was
she to do?

Drawing on her creativity, she applied for the only job that her education had prepared her to do….
Feeding mice. Their diet was only protein and vegetables – no
carbohydrates. After a month of this food, the sister came to her
senses and said to herself, “I should go back to my cozy little room at
the RCI, my sisters may just study there, but at least they have ice
cream every week!
So the sister made a long trek back to the RCI and after hesitating
outside the door for a moment or two, gave a knock. Would the other two
sisters take her back in again?

            Come back tomorrow
and find out what happened!

Okay, here’s the rest of it: The two sisters were overjoyed to see
their long lost roommate return and quickly welcomed her back.

For the occasion of this joyful reunion a party was proposed and a very special menu was prepared.

Spoons were handed out at the door and everyone had a great time; especially the returning sister.

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