Today we went to Detroit to teach the girls Sunday school class, then
on to the Henry Ford Museum to see Greenfield village. The class went
really well as we studied the command, Follow Me. We arrived (after
many turns and “detours”) and breezed in on our memberships.
We had read that there would be food cooked in the manner of that time
period so we turned down lunch in favor of that. Unfortunately the food
was for looks and not for eating so our stomachs growled as we looked
on – we were mighty glad to get home and eat.
There were at least a thousand pumpkins    Jeanne tries her hand at safe cracking
           but this one was unique.
We met this sweet little lady in the     
      Stacie and Jeanne were a little disappointed
jewelers shop             
find out that Amy had misinformed them
   about the food -Jeanne was VERY hungry
I finally bribed Jeanne to get me off the tracks by suggesting that we
could get some cereal back at the Inn. A little confusion with
directions getting back – I tell you, people in Detroit don’t know
beans about where anything is, Stacie and the map did muh better. All
in all, a really good day, praise God for a chance to just enjoy life
as He gives it out.

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