Boy, when Callie leaves, heads roll!

Actually, this is the result of a weekend fishing trip headed up by
Brooke. Callie, Liz, Kathleen and I all went out and since Brooke said
no one believes that she catches anything I have decided to document it.

We started out early in the morning, driving to the lake.

We rented a rowboat and found the “perfect” spot. (Brooke seems a little tired of rowing)
Liz started out the day with the first catch, and Kathleen followed not much later.

Callie has one!
Amy finally caught one – and boy is it cute!  A cool picture of the fisher-women.
Callie cleans her first fish     
    Some people are a little more comfortable with the
So there you have it, we caught 25 fish with 14 big enough to eat.
Three of us ate those 14 fish – they were wonderful. Thank you to
Brooke for planning all of this.

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