Beautiful – that’s all I can say. I think being in the city enhances my appreciation for the beauty of nature. Slow pace, quaint shops, a walk down main street; all this is wonderful and calming. But the beach is a whole other story! Waves on the sand, gulls crying, the wind blowing and going out on a little rocky spit to skip rocks is perfection on this earth. The Coppersmiths live in a great place and I’m so thankful that God brought them across our path earlier this year.

Crystal and I went for a jog this morning – it only took us 20 minutes at a slow jog to make it around the whole city :) Then we sat out on a stone jetty and sang to God, each from our own heart, while watching the waves break on the rocks. Bikers (the kind on bicycles) came through the town all morning on some Labor day weekend bike tour. Now we’re about to go boating, water skiing and maybe sailing! Life is good! I love it when God smiles on me, it makes me smile back even more.

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