Something sort of unusual happened to me today. I was feeling really in love with the Lord after chapel so I went to the practice room on our floor to sing and play; something I like to do when I just want to worship the Lord.

I found a little book sitting on the piano it was something about stress, and being curious, I picked it up to look at it. It was a bunch of sarcastic, tongue in cheek suggestions on how to cause yourself and others more stress, saying peace and happiness were over rated. I laughed at some of the suggestions and thought how funny it would be to try some of the things on others, stuff like putting the empty milk jug back in the fridge, or shaking cans of coke and leaving them for others to open. There were some other suggestions that weren’t lighthearted.

By the time I put the book down I didn’t feel like praising God anymore. Instead of love and “good will towards all” I felt a spirit of maliciousness pervading my soul. My thoughts shied away from the Lord because something had come between us; I had defiled my soul and it was no longer prepared for meeting with Him. Right there I had to stop and pray, rebuking the devil and the attack that had been leveled at me in a seemingly innocent way.

After clearing things I was then able to take up my singing and enjoy fellowship with God. Then as I left I took the liberty of taking the little book and throwing it away. I don’t know, the whole thing was a little odd, I sure wasn’t expecting anything like that this morning.

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