What a great weekend. First I went out for a little jog :) it went slower than last week but we had a new runner and she only slowed us five minutes. We didn’t want to sit around and get stiff, so to work it out we went and picked blueberries! It was great fun, you could eat all you wanted and then buy what you couldn’t finish :)

Dropping by to pick up dinner and our stuff, we headed back out to go to Kim’s grandma’s house – way out in the country. Once there we took a walk through the pastures in a light rain and picked flowers, each of us ending up with a bouquet that we realized reflected our personalities.

We watched a movie and ate ice cream, talked and went to bed listening to the familiar “night noises.” In the morning we made blueberry pancakes with what we ad picked the day before. We had a little church service among ourselves, following the order in Ps. 100 to “come into His gates with thanksgiving and enter His courts with praise.”

We spent the rest of the morning with badminton, frisbee and a thorough exploration of the barn. It was so quiet and peaceful there that we were reluctant to leave, it was so good to “be away from it all” and just soak up the beauty of God’s earth. Finally though, we had to pack up and head out, getting back in time to keep our prior engagement with Andrew to watch “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.”

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