Kids make the common place, livelier.

Tonight there came about a sequel to Micah’s “Come Thou Fount,” only this one would have to fit under “Showers of Blessings.”

On the soccer field “mercy drops round us were falling”. Little did I know that it was only a precursor to what would later happen in dish pit.

Tonight at dish pit I was tired and just trying to do my part to help get it done. Well there I was minding my own business, loading up the dish washer, when suddenly a stream of water hit me in the back. I let out a surprised yell and turned around to confront Andrew Schrader holding the sprayer and giggling. I laughed, grabbed the other sprayer and chased him out of the dish area (please note that I didn’t start it – Andrew took the first shot :)

I went back to loading and made it through half of the trays, when the second barrage hit, only this time it didn’t stop. Under constant fire I grappled with Andrew over the weapon while water shot every which-way, until I finally shut it off at the source.

After finishing the loading amid many attempted strikes, I finally tried the old proverb; If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. I invited him to combine efforts with me and use his passion for spraying for the good by helping me clean the counter. A minute later I had to beat a hasty retreat. Not being one to get down easily, I conducted a little surprise attack on my preoccupied foe. A bucket of water settled the score nicely.

How does this fit as a shower of blessing? It caused me to look outside of myself, enjoy the moment and finish the day with a smile on my face and in my heart. No wonder the Bible says that children are a blessing from the Lord.

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