Ah, God has smote my conscience all afternoon. I first got this xanga account with the understanding between me and God, that I would use it to testify of His works in my life, and the last post didn’t meet up with that guideline. So now I’m coming back to try and apply that post to, ummm, something…lets see…..

Okay, think of it maybe along this line. Sometimes I tend to “sanitize” my sin; I clean up my act enough to where it doesn’t threaten public opinion or cause much harm to the average person. However, if God were to take a closer look with His “microscope” He would see that sin is still there.

Okay, that was to make up for the other, now to apply it. (sort of ) You know if you look in the opposite end of binoculars the things that are near appear to be far away. Maybe that applies for a microscope too, I don’t know, I haven’t tried. Anyway, I think that I have been looking up through the microscope at God, seeing Him as a far away holiness, thinking that I too am the same way and can therefore hide little actions and attitudes throughout the day. I forget that I am under close inspection and that He can watch the growth of sin in a “culture medium” that has been sanitized but not sterilized.

I hope that makes sense, maybe I need to stop studying and go to bed, but I had to clear that seemingly small thing up. After all, bacteria multiply by the power of two, every generation. Okay, I’ll stop now. :)

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