Well here goes another night, only this time it’s not the heat that’s going to make things difficult, I can’t lay flat on my back. 

Today my education has been on learning my limits. I may have suspected a cracked rib before, but now I’m pretty sure. I felt so good on Sunday I thought maybe it wasn’t so bad, so this morning I tried to go back to my normal activities, hence I can’t lay down.

I found out that I can’t do push-ups, or run, or play soccer, or even go for a walk (I tried but something didn’t feel so good) During service hour I found out that even wiping down a cabinet with your left hand uses the muscles that are attatched to your ribs on the right side of your body. I can however peel carrots.

Sometimes God puts limitations on our life; Moses was slow of speech, Hannah couldn’t have children, Sarah was old, Lazarus was dead. In each case God put the limitation on them and then used it for His glory as He showed Himself strong in their weakness. God has seen fit to majorly alter my normal lifestyle, my new limitation has forced physical weakness upon me, but now God can come forth in a mighty way.

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