Wow, God sure took me for a roller coaster ride today, I shouldn’t be allowed out of my room when I’m like this. I guess its good practice to have to interact with people when my thoughts are raging and my emotions are strange and I have a hard time paying attention to everyone around me. I like to just go somewhere by myself sit still and think hard until things begin to settle down.

I’m glad for everything though, I have been in a spiritual lull this week and I asked God to help me move on. Normally I prefer some sort of outside trial, I’m not so good at handling the inside ones, but either way I grow, so I’ll be happy.

One other sad note – We are finally down to just the two of us :( We tried to avoid it for as long as possible but tonight it has become final. We had a great time with Gavrielle, I’m so grateful for the time God granted to us. She feels sort of like a sister now and I’m glad she’ll be here for a month. May God bless her with time and discipline as she does the cooking course and Biology. We love you Gav!

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