WE’RE BACK! What a wonderful week! Arriving at the Wolf household we found them to be a family of gentle giants, tenderly mindful of the three Lilliputians entrusted to their care. Ironically, the house itself resembled a den in it’s small coziness, living in close quarters for a week enabled us to really become a part of the pack and develop close friendships with the members.

Our time couldn’t have been better, so many sights to see and such good food! But I think the best part was being in a household and part of a family. Dad, Mom, little brothers and sisters, even grandparents; what a blessing! God did some neat work while we were there, but how can I be surprised, He never leaves us and works all things to His glory.

That’s it for now because it’s late and we have to be up early tomorrow to see my sister off – she’s leaving for Indy. It just hit me this evening that even though we just got back, she’s not staying. Our threefold cord is being broken :(

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