Yehaw! Whoopee! I feel so great! Congratulations to all who ran and thank you to all who sponsored us. Thank you Josiah for encouraging us at the beginning, and thank you Mr. Schrader for thinking we couldn’t get together a girls team, which spurred me on to do just that. I think all the girls who ran felt blessed and I thank God for the chance to reach out and include the others. Thank you also to all who came out and cheered us on, the knowledge that I was running for ya’ll caused me to try even harder. Each person that came up to congratulate us made my heart glad, I didn’t expect it and felt very loved.

 What a wonderful race, start to finish I felt good. Yes there were times when I was tired or breathing hard, but the mental battle wasn’t hard this time, maybe it was the bright green sweat shirt and red hair of my pace setter, Nada. I followed ten to twenty feet behind her for about three miles, she was my motivation to keep going and somehow she always started to speed up just when I felt the most tired, but I didn’t want to get left behind.

I have this sort of tradition when I’m training at home to always speed up right at the very end. I like to compare it to my life’s race and I always pray as I run, that God would let me finish my life at top speed, that I wouldn’t slow down or casually stroll into heaven. Today was no exception, three blocks from the finish line I offered up my prayer and gave it everything. No need to save any energy now, spend it while it counts, after the finish line you can’t go back and better your run. Finish strong.

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