If you commit your time to the Lord and do His plans first then He can bless you with unusual speed on other tasks.

Today I intended to grab some supper and head back to my room to finish reading (or skimming) 7 chapters in my nutrition textbook and take an 88 question quiz. But after going through the line I felt prompted to say hi to someone and then to sit and talk to them because they seemed a little lonely. After a good talk that seemed to lift their spirits as much as mine I dutifully went to my room and started reading. Ten minutes into the chapter on trace minerals I got a phone call from Shannon, her sister’s birthday is tomorrow and this sister had requested to talk to the three of us (apparently stories about us have leaked out and we are rather infamous :) anyhow, we were wanted to sing happy birthday and talk a bit. Ok Lord, whatever you want I am here to serve you, not myself. After about half an hour I was back on my bed ready to take that test – oops, I still have a few chapters left. But surprisingly for me, everything went very quickly and I finished without much problem. I then got ready for bed and typed an essay that I had to do in record time. Wow! God multiplies your time when you give it to Him.

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