Wow, so many things happen between times that I get to post! God has been so good and has poured down the snow! This of course dominated all my free time (and time that was not so free :) Sunday we took a lovely walk in the falling snow; Monday gave rise to a snow sculpture; Tuesday was a snowball fight and an addition to the sculpture; and Wednesday was filled to the brim with skiing!

The skiing went very well, the weather was perfect, the slopes were not icy. In snowed on and off the whole time we were there, adding the perfect touch to a wonderful time. God kept all of us alive and relatively uninjured despite some fantastic wipeouts. I am so grateful to those who put this trip together.

To update on the last post…. My brother passed his test! Praise God! The first one is always the scariest because you don’t know what you’re up against, but Brian felt confidant going in. God is still in the business of blessing.

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