Question: Why is it that I can only get Texans to go sledding with me?

What a week! What an education! Snow is wonderful! (I can’t get my smileys to work or there would be a big one right here)

Earlier this week God lovingly allowed our first sled run to be shut down – He had a better place in mind for us, but while we had the one we weren’t motivated to look for anything else. The first morning on the new run proved very interesting. A few of the kitchen girls had come out to sled with us due to some persuasive enthusiasm during service hour the previous day. An audience from the dining hall had gathered to watch our suicidal attempts at sledding into the gully. The 3 kitchen girls from Texas went down several times and enjoyed it but I couldn’t get anyone else to go, so I proceeded to sled down again and again – I came out to have fun, whether or not anyone else joined me. Two of the Williams tried it out – hooray Virginia – but still no other takers. Stacie had built another run and we proceeded to play on it too. Finally it was too much to resist and the observers became participators!

I thought about Christianity; to some people it looks kind of risky, and what would others think if you messed up!? All my talking couldn’t get those watching to join me, it was my example, my joy in what I was doing that caused them to want to try it too. Live your life in the joy of the Lord; make it something that people would desire.


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