I was sitting inside trying to type up a speech but not getting very far – the weather was distracting me. Sunlight pouring in the windows, blue sky peeping around fluffy white clouds, all of nature beckoning me to come and rejoice in the day that the Lord had made. After all it was January and 75 degrees outside, (I love the Texas winter ) I couldn’t waste such good weather so I asked my little brother if he wanted to do anything outside so I would have an excuse to stop typing.

What an eye-opener of an afternoon. I found out just how much I usually followed my own way in direct opposition to what someone has said – thinking I know better. Timothy took me out to help him clear some trails on the paintball course he and my other brothers were working on. Having just been thinking about a woman’s role I thought I would just stand back and let him be the boss. (being 10 years old and the youngest boy, he normally is the one ordered around) So I asked him want he wanted me to work on and he gave me a trail to clear. Several times as we cleared that and a little clearing he would make a suggestion which would go against my line of thought and had it been any other time I would have disregarded him and done it my way. But each time I followed his lead, and each time after I had struggled inside myself and relinquished my “superior knowledge” he would add something to his instructions and I would see that if I had followed my ideas it would have been counter productive.

It was wonderful to see his confidence swell as he took on his role. I am always telling them to act the man, but I needed to step back and let them. Thank you Lord for showing me my place, thank you for opening my eyes to my rebellion and pride, and thank you for your grace that will teach me to submit.

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