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Quotes and helpful hints from the job site: An electrician’s job is to make ends meet. – Dad Too much is better than too little – Amy “I’m too short!” – Amy “You seem fine to me. Your legs reach all the way to the ground don’t they?” – Dad A magnetized drill bit is […]


  We had our first frost this morning! It was so cold but so pretty, all of the colors that were common place the day before were now veiled with a filmy white curtain. As the sun rose a steamy fog appeared on the ponds, half hiding the frozen cattails that stood sentry on the […]


 Some people count their chickens before they hatch; well today I was counting my problems before they happened. I was at the job site with dad and had been trying to install a plug outlet for over an hour. Problem after problem came up and I was getting frustrated, I mean, I didn’t even want […]


  From the very start I want to say that the purpose of this site is to testify the great acts of God and the wonderfully real way that He works in my life.   Upon being introduced to this whole web ring by a “chili pepper girl” I became desirous of having one of […]

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